Bennett's Performance is Southern California's premier Harley Davidson service and repair shop. Located between Los Angeles and Orange County in Signal Hill. Over 20 years of experience working with American V-Twin engines and motorcycles.

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S&S Warranty Center
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Custom Modifications
Collision Repair

Complete Machine
Shop Services:
Crank Shaft Truing & Balancing
Cylinder Boring and Honing
Engine & Transmission Rebuilds
Cylinder Head Porting & Polishing
Flowbench Services
83/1200 Conversions
88/95 Conversions
96/103 Conversions

Dyno Tuning:
Expert Carburetor Tuning
EFI Tuning
Daytona Twin Tec



The best H-D performance/repair shop around, one of the few with a dynometer in the Orange County/L.A South Bay area. They have land speed records at Bonneville and have a flawless reputation.

If you just need your flywheels balanced, or maybe you need someone to do your oil change, go to Bennett's. 100% honest shop that will not fuck around. I have a set of cases and flywheels there now as I type this. I've also had my own bike dyno'd tuned there and have done other business with them in the past.

Bennett's now shares their same building with world famous Branch Flowmetrics (Branch Heads).

Nelson K. - Long Beach, CA


By far the best Harley shop I've ever taken my bike to. No rice allowed here. Bennett Peformance is a father/son operation that does quality work at a fair price and almost always faster than expected, and they're all V-Twin all the time, or at least that's the way it appears when you set foot in the place.

They can do everything from basic service to complete builds. They have a full machine shop if you're looking to build a complete custom.

Don't expect a happy-go-lucky attitude. They're not unfriendly, but they're not the most personable guys on the planet either. They're no-nonsense because of the massive amount of work they have coming in and out of their shop.

They're constantly working on at least a dozen bikes at a time, so drop it off and get out of the way. Don't worry, you're hog is in good hands.

Dave C. - Long Beach, CA

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