Bennett's Performance is Southern California's premier Harley Davidson service and repair shop. Located between Los Angeles and Orange County in Signal Hill. Over 20 years of experience working with American V-Twin engines and motorcycles.

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Complete Machine
Shop Services:
Crank Shaft Truing & Balancing
Cylinder Boring and Honing
Engine & Transmission Rebuilds
Cylinder Head Porting & Polishing
Flowbench Services
83/1200 Conversions
88/95 Conversions
96/103 Conversions

Dyno Tuning:
Expert Carburetor Tuning
EFI Tuning
Daytona Twin Tec


About Bennett's Performance

Jan 4, 2010, . After 10-years in business Bennett’s Performance marches into the new decade with a renewed sense of purpose. What began in 2000 as a small repair shop has turned into one of the top Harley-Davidson performance shops in the country. Founded by Bob and Eric Bennett the shop quickly gained local notoriety by beating all comers competing in various dyno shootouts. Taking what they learned on the dyno the pair focused their efforts on giving their growing customer base strong and reliable engines. Beginning in 2001 Bennett’s performance was put in the national spotlight by being the shop of choice for many magazine articles. The past few years has seen them in numerous publications and websites as they ply their craft and add their expertise for various articles, these include; American Rider, American Iron, Baggers, Cycle Source, Hot Bike, IronWorks, Quick Throttle, Street Chopper, and the TV show Biker Build Off. Bennett’s Performance has collaborated with many top-notch custom builders including Roland Sands, Gard Hollinger, Todd Sillicato, and Jesse Rooke, with engines that are second to none. As the company has grown Bennett’s has forged strong ties with many industry heavyweights such as Branch-OKeefe (formerly Branch Flowmetrics), Primo Rivera, S&S Cycle, and Daytona Twin Tec.


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